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The Vampire Diaries recap- I’ll Remember (S6E1)

(Sorry for such a late recap on this one.  I don’t really have a good excuse.  Nonetheless, I hope that y’all will still read and enjoy!)

It is time to return to Mystic Falls!  And it has been a loooonnnggg summer waiting to see what the true fate is of Damon and Bonnie.  Oh, there are other people on the show, you say?  Yeah, I really only want to see what happens to Damon.  I know that I am not the only.  So with that being said, let’s return to Mystic Falls and the surrounding woods.

We return to Mystic Falls to the sight of two love struck teenagers making out in a tent.  When they hear a “strange noise” outside the tent, the girl goes out to investigate (go figure, the dude wimps out on that one).  They are then busted by Sheriff Forbes for underage drinking.  As they are walking back to their car, they pass an almost invisible “now leaving Mystic Falls” sign.  By crossing the unseen line, they are making themselves fair game to an attack by any supernatural beings that may be lurking around the border, which they promptly are.

We then switch gears to learn the updates on everyone.  Elena is looking forward to her sophomore year in college and has decided to follow in her father’s footsteps & go pre-med.  This declaration has led her to get into volunteering at the hospital if for no other reason than to have free reign to all the blood bags that she can drink.  Ric has taken a teaching position at Whitmore and is having a hard time getting used to drinking blood for survival.  Matt has joined the “protection squad” (which is headed by the Maytag guy, Colin Ferguson) which is basically pointless since no supernatural beings can get into Mystic Falls.  Stefan has left town to go out “searching for answers” but is really just working for a mechanic and hooking up with a chick named Ivy.  Caroline is also searching for answers but closer to home, or as close to home as she can get since she can’t go back into town.  She is trying to drop out of school by avoiding the subject.  Tyler, who is now human again, is back in school and trying to deal with his rage by working out with the football team.  Jeremy has gone back in time to his former season 1 self and has become a useless lump on Matt’s couch.  Elena appears okay with the recent events that claimed the lives of her boyfriend & best friend by drinking “herbs” (basically drugs) that she has gotten from Luke which cause her to hallucinate Damon. (Hmm, taking drugs to see your dead loved ones… Does this sound like a storyline from another recent vampire show?)  Hallucinated Damon doesn’t miss a beat and makes fun of Ric for coming back from the dead to become a college professor.

The class that Ric is teaching is on the occult and resurrection, which is ironic since he was just resurrected (but also because the show he left TVD for was about cults but it bombed and his career was resurrected by returning to TVD).  Liv makes a point of bringing this to his attention in front of the entire class, which doesn’t go over very well.  After class, Elena tracks Luke down to question her increased thirst.  Luke fears that she is becoming a junkie and wants to stop being her drug dealer.  She tries again to blame Luke for Damon’s “true death” (sorry, I can think of no other way of wording that one), which is how she got the herbs from him to begin with.  On her next trip, Damon tells her that she needs to accept the fact that he is dead but then again technically he was dead when they met.  Semantics, people.

At a large tailgate party before Whitmore’s first football game of the season, Ric is trying to be cool and drink blood from a Solo cup.  He also tries to discourage Tyler from drinking real alcohol to prevent any bouts of rage.  Ric meets the newest doctor in town named Jo.  He quickly realizes that when he came back from the dead he lost what game he had when he was alive.  This was actually pretty adorable.

On her way to the game, and having yet another hallucination of Damon, Elena stops to help a girl on the side of the road.  Practically seconds after stopping, she attacks the girl because she is so thirsty.  Caroline conveniently shows up and then the girl runs off across the border.  Elena tells Caroline about the herbs that she has been using.  She reacts well to the whole thing but tells Elena that she is “…not getting thru. You are just pressing pause.”  In true junkie fashion, Elena argues that that is not the case.  The girl stumbles into town at the precise moment that Matt and friends are jogging by.  She says something about being attacked by a girl but Matt lies to the others, saying that it was a dog attack. 

Stefan is mum about his past and really any information about himself with his friend Ivy.  When he tells her that he is a vampire she assumes that he is joking.  He ignores yet another phone call from Caroline but gives in and answers Elena’s call.  She is clearly losing her mind.  She wants to know how he is able to get over losing Damon.  His answer is that he has stopped looking for answers and has just moved on.  I don’t buy it for a second.  Later, Caroline calls again to leave him a lengthy voicemail but he crushes the phone before he can listen to the message.  Stefan mad, Stefan crush.

Over the phone, Caroline tells Tyler about Elena’s “issue” and that she is getting it from Luke.  He tries to pick a fight with Luke which is stopped by Ric.  Liv tries to gets mad at Tyler about this almost fight, which he blames on his new human status.  There is some definite sexual tension going on there.  Matt informs the girl that Elena attacked, who we learn is named Sarah, that he has been attacked & killed numerous times.  Basically he is trying to make the whole thing seem normal.  Sarah doesn’t trust anyone and doesn’t plan on starting with the people of Mystic Falls. 

Elena drinks the herbs for about the tenth time in this episode.  She tells Damon that she can’t continue doing this and thanks him for everyone that he has helped and everything that he has even done/ given to her.  She then says goodbye to him but he doesn’t go anywhere.  Damon doesn’t believe that she is ready for it to end.  She has a major meltdown but he is still there.  Elena later asks Ric to help her out.  Since he was created by an Original he is capable of compelling other vampires.  She wants him to compel Damon out of her.  She wants to forget that she ever loved him.  (She also asks him how he is dealing with everything and he tells her that he hates being a vampire.)

In the last few moments, we see Damon and Bonnie in a very domestic situation.  He makes her smiling vampire pancakes as Bonnie is getting ready for the day.  Apparently this is a common occurrence.  So, where are they?  Have they found “domestic bliss” in the great beyond?  I guess that we will just have to wait and see.


Tough Like a Giraffe

I’ve got a lot of plans for the month of October.  I said last year at this time that I was going to celebrate October as much as I possibly could this year.  Last year I was essentially robbed of one of my most favorite months/ times of year because I was in some backward country that doesn’t celebrate Halloween.  Anywho, today I took part in my first event- the walkathon for Sarah Jones. 

Today we walked on the Beltline in downtown Atlanta in memory of Sarah Jones.  We were also walking to promote and support safer sets on film and television shoots.  This was organized by the creators of Slates For Sarah and Melinda Hsu Taylor.  There were also organized walks happening at the same time in Santa Monica and NYC, as well as individuals in other parts of the world walking in her honor.  My friend Kelly who lives in New Hampshire took her boys out for a ride in honor of Sarah.  Between the locations and with online donations, $34,000 was raised in Sarah’s honor.  The support was amazing.  I was honored to have been able to participate in the event.  The walk in Atlanta was mainly done by the cast and crews of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, of which I am not a member of either.  They were all so welcoming and treated me like I was one of them.  I had been leery about going.  I’ve worked on both shows but definitely not enough to consider myself part of “the family”.  That did not matter at all today.  We were all there for Sarah and where we came from did not come to mind.

I did have a moment of being star struck, which almost never happens to me.  But I had not been lucky enough to have worked in a scene with my favorite history teacher, Alaric Saltzman.  So I had a moment when Matt Davis walked up with his tiny dog, Cooper.  My friend talked to him about his dog and I just stood there like a moron.  I couldn’t find a good spot to jump in and add my two cents.  A short time later, Matt was standing off to the side and talking to Zach Roerig and my friend talked me into asking for a picture.  I don’t like doing that, not only because I’m always in the frame of mind that I will get kicked off set if I ask for a picture but also because they weren’t working in that moment and I didn’t want to bother them.  But they were so nice about it.  In fact, everyone was super nice, especially Carina Mackenzie, who I told that I was a fan of hers. 

So thank you again to Slates For Sarah, The Vampire Diaries, Julie Plec, The Originals and everyone that was involved in the Safety For Sarah walk today.  Thank you for allowing this Background Artist and aspiring writer to be part of such a special event.  I hope to be able to do more to help promote safer sets again soon.  Never Forget.

Donations can still be made at the link below-


Goodbyes Suck

As the above image states, goodbyes do indeed suck.  So I thought that in honor of the finale of True Blood, I would write a little post about the things that I will miss the most from Bon Temps.  Well, who I will miss, really.

Bon Temps was a town full of some of the craziest “people” and happenings to be seen on television.  One of the first Bon Temps residents that we encountered was Mr. Jason Stackhouse.

Sweet, innocent Jason Stackhouse.  He came into our lives as a sex crazed good ‘ole boy, more worried about who he was going to hook up with each night then about supernatural happenings in his little town.  I will miss his kooky behavior, his cluelessness and how he tries so hard to be good & to be helpful.  Jason on a mission is my most favorite Jason of all.

The second thing that I’m going to miss is the Viking Sheriff of Louisiana, the perpetually naked Eric Northman. 

The first time that we saw him was actually much the way that we last saw him- in his throne on the stage of his fanger club.  When he first made an appearance, it was met with feelings of disgust as he was not the sweetest guy (and he had some skeezy long hair).  It soon changed the more charming (and human) his character became.  One of my favorite visions of Eric came after he had been buried in cement and from which he escaped from before it dried.

Lastly, I will miss Hoyt Fortenberry.

Hoyt was Jason’s sidekick in life.  He is as loyal as friends come and a sweet country boy with the best intentions.  Everything got different for Hoyt after he met “newborn” vampire Jessica.  Hoyt left us for good during season 5, following the betrayal of his girlfriend & best friend.  But with the death of his mother during season 7, Hoyt returned.  I will just miss him in general.  He was just so cute and sweet!


Well, so long, Bon Temps.  So long, Jason Stackhouse.  So long, Eric Northman.  So long, Hoyt Fortenberry.  I wish you all the best.  Maybe we will all meet again sometime in the future.


True Blood recap- Thank You (S7E10)

Bill doesn’t want to drink Sarah (i.e. the cure) because he has accepted his fate.  This is not okay with Sookie and Jessica, who promptly asks to be released.  He releases her but not until he is able to give her a well written “I’m proud of you” speech.  Sookie & Jessica discover that Sam has left town.  He explains himself in a Dear John letter that he left for Sookie.  He also left a letter for Andy.  They deliver the second letter to Andy at Bellfleur’s, which is in the process of having a one big happy family dinner.  Sookie informs the group of Sam’s departure and gives Andy the letter, which was just his resignation as mayor.  Jessica speaks to James and inquires as to the status of his relationship with LaFayette.  She also apologizes for not having been a more attentive girlfriend.  Brigette is still riding Hoyt about their argument about having kids.  She then starts questioning him about Jessica, who shows up at that very moment.  She has come over to let Hoyt know the truth about their past.  Brigette kicks her out and tells Hoyt that they are over if he goes after Jessica.  So their relationship is done.  Brigette calls Jason to ask him to come get her.  When he arrives, Hoyt punches him for things that he just found out had happened in the past.  Jason takes Brigette to his house, making it very clear that they will not be sleeping together.  She pushes him to talk about the situation with Hoyt & Jessica and he admits that they belong together.  This is all being said while Hoyt & Jessica are getting intimate with each other. (Yay! They are back!!)

Back at Bellfleur’s, Sookie admits that she was never there for Alcide like she should have been because she has always had Bill in her heart.  Eric goes to Bill’s house to talk some sense into him about the cure.  Bill feels that Sookie will never be able to move on with a semi-normal life while he is around.  Eric goes to the bar to get Sookie and take her back to Bill’s house, so he “whooshes” her away.  Jason finds himself laying, just laying, in bed with Brigette, sharing things about themselves that no one knows (he likes pink).  He admits that he really wants kids (looks like you’ve just found your man, Brigette).  Eric returns to Fangtasia to find an angry Ginger.  She is mad that she has been left out of the loop.  He calms her down by offering to have sex with her, which she was begging for a few episodes prior.  They go for all of 2 seconds before she gets her jollies then falls asleep.  Eric finds Pam in the basement, silvered, with a spike hanging from a chain above her heart.  Gus Jr is aware that Sookie is in on the secret.  Pam narrowly escapes being staked when Eric tells the truth.  Now Gus Jr wants to find Sookie and deal with her.

So, now here we are- the series finale of True Blood.  Yes, I am sad.  While this season and some of the storylines in recent seasons have been weak and a bit off, I still don’t want to see it go.  It will really hit me next June when the next season fails to materialize.  So, here we go…

The final episode begins with Bill telling Sookie why he made the decision that he did about the cure.  Bill wants Sookie to have everything that she has ever wanted from her life, but she only wants him.  He tells her that having Hep-V has made him feel more human than he has since he was turned into a vampire.  It made him realize that despite being immortal, he was not immune to death.  He feels that he needs to be with his family and he wants Sookie to have a family of her own, which she can’t have with him (unless they were to move to Forks, WA where apparently that is a possibility).  Bill then asks Sookie to do the impossible.  He wants her to use her light to kill him. 

Eric wants Pam to set Sarah free, which makes her question his sanity.  But he has a plan.  He wants to kill Gus and steal the idea for NuBlood from him.  Pam agrees to his plan and feeds some of her blood to Sarah so that they can track her.  Gus hears that she has escaped thru the secret tunnel and he crawls out after her.  Once he is in the tunnel, they blow the tunnel up.  Eric then goes after the members of the yakuza that are going after Sookie and takes care of them.  Pam tracks Sarah down at the same carousel where Eric turned Willa.  Sarah begs Pam to do the same to her.  She promises to become a lesbian and then Pam’s loveslave for eternity.  Pam tells her that there is no way in hell where she would ever do that.  She ends up biting Sarah but only as a “vaccination”.

Bill returns home in time to run into Jessica and Hoyt, who has decided to stay in town.  Jessica lets Bill know that while she doesn’t want him to die, she will be okay.  Bill brings up the topic of marriage with Hoyt.  He wants to make sure that Jessica is going to be taken care of.  He views her as his daughter and would love nothing more than to give his daughter away at her wedding, something he was not able to do with his biological daughter.  Jessica wants to arrange for it to happen before Bill dies. 

Sookie thinks about Bill’s request and thinks back to childhood discussions that she had with Tara (accompanied by some really poor voiceover work for young Tara) about their desired futures.  She goes to Jason’s house to seek out some brotherly support.  She encounters Brigette for the first time.  While there, Jason receives a call from Hoyt, who asks him to be his best man in a last minute wedding.  Bill also calls Andy to ask him to officiate the wedding.  Bill also wants to discuss the future of his property.  Andy is Bill’s last living heir, so he will inherit Bill’s estate.  He asks Andy to rent the house to Jessica & Hoyt for $1/month for the rest of eternity.

Hoyt is afraid that he is going to hurt Brigette’s feelings (a little late for that).  I’m sure that Jason will be more than happy to pick up the pieces.  Jason is happy to have Hoyt back in his life.  He tells him to make sure that he live each day of his life like it is the last (at some point he is going to have to become a vampire if he is married to one, right?)  In a sweet moment, Bill walks Jessica down the aisle and gives her away in the presence of a select few, including Arlene, Holly and Sookie.  Andy says that he feels like God honors this union even if the government does not.  Throughout the entire ceremony, Sookie keeps shooting Bill looks that say that she wishes it were them that were getting married.  She then realizes that she can hear Bill’s thoughts.  She has never before been able to hear the thoughts of a member of the undead faction.  Everything that he is thinking is pro-Sookie and the right things in her opinion.  She thinks that the reason that she can hear his thoughts is because he has become “more human” since getting sick.

Sookie lets Jason know that she approves of Brigette.  In Bon Temps, Sookie’s opinion and approval is the only one that matters.  She goes to see Reverend Daniels for advice.  He was unaware that Sookie is a faerie.  She just wants to live a normal life and she is concerned that God would consider her doing so a sin (but it isn’t a sin to have relations with a vampire apparently).  He tells her, “Help is on its way.  It’ll all be over soon.”  When she leaves the church, she calls Bill to tell him that she has made arrangements with the cemetery and that she will meet him there.  She then puts on her funeral dress and heads out to address Bill’s fate.

Once at the cemetery, Sookie tells Bill that she doesn’t want to do this and while hugging Bill, tells him that she “can’t let go”.  He climbs down into the open grave and opens up the casket that had previously been buried in his name.  In the casket, he finds the family photo that was taken before he went off to battle.  She tells him that she can’t use her light to end his life.  Since he is so much a part of her then she says that her light won’t do the job.  Instead, she breaks a nearby shovel and climbs down with the stake.  She then straddles Bill and stakes him with an assist from Bill himself.  Yup, Bill actually died.  He exploded like an egg cooked in the microwave.  Sookie cries for a few moments then gathers herself, climbs back out of the grave and pushes the dirt in the fill the hole.

The scene shown next is set a year later.  Eric is on TV plugging New Blood, claiming that the drink was made from Sarah’s blood that he collected from a piece of glass before she escaped.  The story jumps three more years into the future and we are treated to the sight of vintage Eric- sitting on his throne on the stage at Fangtasia.  Down in the basement, Pam is charging vampires a “small” fee for a few moments of feeding from Sarah, who is still chained up.  While I’m a bit disappointed to learn that Sarah never did meet a violent death, to know that she will be experiencing torture for the remainder of her existence is slightly satisfying.

We are also treated to Thanksgiving dinner at the Stackhouse residence.  Sookie, who is very pregnant, is gathering her guests around the dinner table out in the yard (the face of her husband is not shown on camera).  Jason is wrangling one child and Brigette walks in holding 2 more kids.  Sam & Nicole arrive with their brood.  The Bellfleur’s and Fortenberry’s are in attendance as are Arlene & Keith and LaFayette & James (and it looks like Adilyn & Wade are also together).  They are all very happy and as normal as can be expected considering that there are still vampires and shape shifters in their lives.  It is nice to see that they all appear to have carried on with their lives.  I can only hope that Bon Temps has become a somewhat peaceful place to live in.

Good luck, citizens of Bon Temps.  I hope that life gets better and easier for you all and that it is all rainbows & unicorns from here on out.

R.I.P. Bill Compton

More importantly…

R.I.P. True Blood


I am an embarrassment…

When I was about 5 years old, the VCR became the device to have in the home.  My parents used to rent a VCR every couple of weekends.  Without fail, when they rented it and some movies to go along with it, I would request they get Sixteen Candles and/or Grease 2.  I absolutely loved these two movies.  I especially loved Grease 2.  (Note: I despise the first Grease movie.  I know, I am alone on this one.)  I loved the Pink Ladies and Stephanie Zinone.  I wanted to be Stephanie Zinone.  At one point, I begged my mom to let me change my first name to Stephanie (I also went through the same thing with the name Monica but I don’t remember why).  Once my mom bought the soundtrack it was all that I wanted to listen to.  I sang those songs all the time, especially “Reproduction”.  Over the course of the years, while I still loved this movie, it kind of got pushed back in my choice movies (but I can’t pass it up when I see it on the guide on TV).  When I was about 18, I bought my own copy of the soundtrack.  As I listened to it and really listened to the words, I was kind of shocked.  They are not really what little children need to be singing.  When I was 5, I obviously didn’t know what the words meant.  I truly thought that in “Reproduction” that they were talking about flowers and bugs.  It made me wonder, did I embarrass my mom when I sang these songs in front of other people?  I know how I feel when I hear Jack say something that is not age appropriate.  There I was singing songs about sex and such things like it was no big deal.  But it wasn’t just the lyrics from my favorite song from the soundtrack that surprised me.  Some of the other songs are also pretty “bad”.  Below are a few examples of the lyrics.

“…Now you see just how the stamen gets its lusty dust onto the stigma.
And why this frenzied chlorophyllous orgy starts in spring is no enigma!”

“…Reproduction, reproduction!
Put your pollen tube to work.
Reproduction, reproduction!
Make my stamen go berserk.”

“…There’s a female butcher, at the luncheon meat display
Got the best tongue in town, she delivers both night and day!”

“…Bullets are exploding, they’ll soon be at the door,
Give something to America you never gave before.”

The problem with these songs is that they are so darn catchy.  I mean, who hasn’t sang “Let’s bowl, let’s bowl! Let’s rock ‘n roll!” when they are in a bowling alley?  It is no wonder that I took to them.  But I am afraid that I may have embarrassed my parents as a result.  So, if that happened as a result of my endless singing, then I apologize, Mom and Dad.  I had no clue what I was doing.


True Blood recap- Almost Home (S7E8)

To begin this recap, I would like to point out the title of this week’s episode.  It made me sad.  “Almost Home” as in almost finished.  Only 2 episodes left after this.  (Sigh…)

As the Yakuza & friends are descending upon the Institute, Sarah admits to the Jason apparition that she knows that she is about to die.  She decides to surrender to them.  When Eric sees her, he rushes over, with his fangs out, and grabs her by the neck.  Sarah is rambling about how she needs to die but that she will come back as “the Princess of Peace” because she is “the Messiah”.  Pam grabs a gun and points it at her own chest, saying that if Eric were to die then so will she.  Eric bites Sarah, beginning the curing process.  While he stands with his arms out to his side and laughing like a maniac, the veins on his arms start to disappear.  Yay, Eric is back!

Sookie asks Bill what his original intentions were with her.  She wants to know why Queen Sophie-Anne wanted Bill to find her.  Apparently, the plan was to close all faerie portals and then breed her and other members of the fae.  He changed his mind when he first saw Sookie.  She gave him back his humanity if only through memories.  He hoped that by protecting her, he would somehow find redemption for the horrible things that he had done since becoming a vampire.

Lettie Mae and LaFayette are still digging for answers.  Rev. Daniels comes to tend to the situation at the same time James shows up.  They are preparing to take V while at the house in order to figure out what Tara’s intentions are.  Lettie Mae begs Rev. Daniels to take V with them so that he can see what they are seeing.  They all immediately follow Tara into the light.  The other side of the light is a flashback to Tara’s 7th birthday party, with LaFayette (fully accessorized) and Sookie in attendance.  Tara’s father comes home, which is not a good thing.  Apparently he was not aware that it is his daughter’s birthday.  Lettie Mae tells the kids to go home just before he starts getting violent and smacks Lettie.

Brigette and Jason are looking through photo albums of young Hoyt.  She says that she hopes that their children end up looking like him.  This sets Hoyt off.  He really doesn’t want to think about such things while he is dealing with his mother’s affairs.  Jason gets texts of Adilyn & Jessica tied up and one from Violet telling him to hurry up & get to her house.  Jason rushes out, saying that he has police business to tend to.  Brigette, not wanting to stay and continue arguing with Hoyt, insists on going with him.  Brigette is clearly not getting out of the car.  Using Fangtasia as a home base, Gus tells Eric & Pam that the blood they drew from Sarah was perfect but needs to be worked on.  They don’t want it to be perfect.  If it has some flaw then there will be more profit every time they release a better version.

When Jason and Brigette arrive at Violet’s house, he gives her a gun and tells her to stay in the car.  Violet’s house is a cavernous place full of massive paintings and stuffed dead animals.  Once he opens the door to the house, he creeps along and is easily scared by the animals in a very Jason Stackhouse manner (all set to creepy, cathedral type music).  Violet flies out of nowhere and drags him downstairs.  She further shows that she has an inflated sense of self by telling Jason that “no one who has ever wanted out once they were allowed in” in regards to his betrayal and sleeping with Jessica.  She has Wade, Adilyn and Jessica tied up to various torture contraptions in their underwear and one saved for Jason.  Violet is going to torture each person, one at a time, with their own “special” device- cutting off fingers crushing Wade’s skull, a set of claws to rip off Adilyn’s breasts and a scorching hot dildo for Jessica (this woman is such a class act).  Violet is suddenly shot from behind and then explodes (but not until we are first able to see her face appear to melt off).  Hoyt is the one who came in and shot her.  He helps to release everyone and then seems to fall in love at “first” sight.

Back in the V trip, little Tara goes to her parents’ bedroom and pulls out a gun from a dresser drawer.  She sneaks back into the room where her parents’ are fighting and points the gun at her father.  She has a clear shot at her father but instead runs outside and buries the gun in the front yard.  Her father announces that he is leaving Lettie Mae.  Lettie Mae is understandably distraught over this.  Tara apologizes to her mother for not shooting her father that day.  She feels that if she had done so then maybe her mother would not have started drinking and their lives could have been better.  Tara tells Lettie Mae to forgive herself for all that happened during her childhood and to let her go.  She then walks off and blows away like dust.  Finally, this storyline is done.

In the aftermath of the Violet incident, Jessica can’t stop looking at Hoyt (she was not previously aware that he was in town).  She goes to introduce herself and to thank him for saving the day.  Their chemistry is clearly still very present.  On a similar note, Brigette can’t stop looking at Jason.  While talking to him, she makes sure to ask if he is together with Jessica.  Later, while dropping Jessica off at home, he admits to her that seeing her with Hoyt has brought back the old feelings.  They agree to remain friends and nothing more (but I don’t see that lasting for too long).  This was a pretty sweet scene, seeing the sweet and innocent Jason that we all love.

Eric comes to Bill’s house to let Sookie know that he is going to be okay.  He is not aware that Bill is sick.  When Sookie sees that Eric is cured, she begs him to tell her where he got the cure from.  He dances around the topic, telling her that it isn’t ready, but that he will be back to help her the next night.  After he leaves, she runs home.  Once the sun is up, she goes to Fangtasia to see Eric but the Japanese guards don’t want to let her in.  Eric tells Gus Jr that she is a fang banger that he slept with once but now won’t leave him alone.  He says that he will glamour her to make her leave.  She uses the cover of being glamoured to read Gus Jr’s mind.  He isn’t really buying what is going on and mentions something in his thoughts about the basement.  She holds onto this tidbit of information and uses the tunnel that was used in the Hep-V raid to break into the basement at Fangtasia.  She is not pleased when she taps into Sarah’s mind to see that she is the cure.  Sarah begged her to let her go, but Sookie leaves her there.

While Jason is eating at Bellfleur’s, Hoyt shows up.  He says that he couldn’t sleep because he was thinking all night, but not about his mom or the events of the night before (so we are to assume it was because of Jessica).  He also makes a point to ask about Jason and Jessica being an item.  Hoyt then goes to Bill’s house to leave a note for Jessica.  On his way over, he had stopped at the clinic and gotten tested, then picked up a blood bag for Bill as a sign of goodwill (Jason told him that Bill was sick).  She hears him and invites him to come inside.  They bond over lost/ soon to be lost parents in another very sweet scene.  Sadly, nothing more happens between them.  I was really hoping there would.

While Bill is dreaming about Sookie rocking a baby that was really just a big ball of nothing, Sookie comes to the house to tell Jessica about the cure.  Gus Jr tells Eric & Pam that he needs to go out of town for the night but he trusts they will not do anything stupid while he is gone.  Once he is gone, they go to the basement in an attempt to get some blood from Sarah to give to Bill.  Just as they get down there, Sookie, Jessica & Bill come in through the tunnel.  Jessica has the same fang-baring reaction to the sight of Sarah as everyone else.  Once Bill is told to “drink the bitch” (thanks, Pam), he declines to the shock of everyone present.

So only two more episodes left.  I am glad to see that the writers are wrapping up many storylines but there are so many unanswered questions.  From the look of next week’s episode, it appears as though Eric is going to begin vying for Sookie’s attention again.  Can’t wait to see how this pans out.

R.I.P. (finally) Violet Mazurski


One of my most favorite Robin Williams moments ever.

Aladdin - Friend Like me - (English)


Oh captain, my captain…

When I was about 5 years old, I sat and watched The World According to Garp and for whatever reason my parents allowed it.  I guess my parents didn’t really care that it was rated R (I’m the youngest of 4, so the most exposed to the “inappropriate”.)  This was really the first movie I remember seeing that starred Robin Williams and I loved it.  Like watched it a lot loved it.  My best friend, Chris, and I used to play Popeye all the time, so we also loved him in that role (but that octopus…)  Over the years, this man have played too many amazing roles to list.  It is hard to say what my favorite Robin Williams movies are, but Garp, Hook and Aladdin are definitely at the top.  But, tonight we found out that the world will no longer have the genius of Robin Williams.  To quote one tweet that I saw, “he made the world happy but couldn’t do the same for himself”.  No one will ever know what he was going through or thinking and we really don’t need to know the details.  We just need to grieve his loss and remember the genius that he was.  RIP Mr. Williams- we will never have another friend like you.


This season looks so good!  This is going to be the next show that I do weekly recaps on.  Looking forward to September 9th!


True Blood recap- May Be the Last Time (S7E7)

Last week I failed to produce my recap.  I tried, I really did, to write a good one but I was struggling to do so.  It was a very under-whelming episode.  Also, there was some sort of weird thing going on with HBO so there was a delay in broadcast.  In the midst of writing my recap my computer decided to restart.  I still hold on to my college ways and had failed to save my work, hence it was all lost.  So I decided to write a quick episode 6 recap before my episode 7 recap. 

Eric & Pam narrowly escape the true death by agreeing to help the North America President of Yakamoto Corporation, Gus Jr., to capture and kill Sarah.  Sarah breaks into her sister’s house and acts shocked to see that her sister is sick.  Bill wants to get his will in order before he dies.  Jessica overhears his discussion with the lawyer and confronts him.  She call Jason, who has just been made to feel “appreciated” by Violet, and asks him to bring Sookie to her in order to tell them about Bill.  Violet gets mad when he leaves and trashes the place.  Sookie is afraid that she is the reason that Bill is sick because she had an open cut on her arm when the sick vampires were shot next to her.  LaFayette agrees to let Lettie Mae get high from James’s blood but only if he does it with her.  All they learn from their trip is that there is something in the front yard of the house they lived in when Tara was a baby.  Rev Daniels gives Lettie Mae a choice between him and her obsession with Tara and she chose Tara.  Nicole tells Sam that he is “the mayor of crazy” and that she is leaving and wants him to go with her.  Sam says that he has only ever felt safe in Bon Temps.  Andy catches Adilyn & Wade in bed together, which leads to an argument with Holly.  Later, Arlene talks both of them down and they make up (but not before Holly calls Adilyn a “faerie slut”).  Bill finds out that since his will was created while he was still alive that he can’t make changes to it.  In order to leave everything to Jessica, he will need to adopt her (waiting 6 mos) or pay $10 million.  He gets mad and stabs the lawyer in the throat.  Sookie is indeed the cause of Bill’s sickness.  Sarah tells Amber that she drank the only antidote that was created and that she is the cure then heals her sister.  Jason finds a “Dear John” letter from Violet.  Adilyn & Wade run away to Fort Bellfleur, where Violet finds them and talks them into going somewhere much more private.  Eric, Pam and the Yakuza arrive at Amber’s house to find her healed.


For the start of this week’s installment, Gus & company have Amber strapped to a frame/ bed type thing and are interrogating her about Sarah.  Gus offers her money for her help.  But since she has been healed she has had a change in heart and now thinks that Sarah is a good person.  Eric has what can only be described as a sickness induced hallucination and sees Sarah on the bed.  He promptly freaks out and stakes Amber and she explodes like a water balloon.  Well, there goes their lead…  Later, Gus talks about synthesizing Sarah’s blood to create a new produce, NuBlood, and would like to use Eric as the spokesvampire for the venture.  They give each other their word and decide to use super Japanese satellites to find Sarah.

Bill, Sookie and Jessica are discussing his illness.  Sookie believes that it is spreading so quickly because of her faerie blood.  Jessica gets a call from Andy mid-conversation, asking if she is sensing any type of problems with Adilyn.  He and Holly are at Fort Bellfleur where they find cellphones but no kids.  Maybe the kids are at Wade’s father’s lake house near Oklahoma City.  Sookie puts Bill to bed and talks Jessica into laying down with him.  Apparently Jessica is feeling incestuous about it.  While they sleep, Sookie is going to spend her day looking for a miracle in order to save Bill. 

Violet takes Adilyn & Wade to her house and down to her own version of the Red Room of Pain.  She tries to make Adilyn feel better about her intentions with Wade by telling her that she used to have sex with her brother too (why does this not surprise me).  She offers up all of her toys while she goes to sleep.  It was quite comical to watch the kids try to figure out what the items were and how to use them (remember that technically Adilyn is only a few months old).  In the process, Adilyn reads Wade’s mind and discovers that he isn’t really into using all of the props.  They then proceed to just have good ole vanilla step-sibling relations.

Arlene finds herself having a dirty dream about her vampire savior, Keith.  Bill has several flashbacks to when he first met his wife, Caroline, which turned out to be an arranged marriage.  I really fail to see the relevance in all of these flashbacks but, oh well.  Hoyt (yay Hoyt!) comes back to town with his new girlfriend, Bridgette, in tow in order to settle his mother’s arrangements and such (and he has never looked better).  Arlene calls Jason to let him know that Hoyt is at the bar.  When Jason gets there, he is introduced to Bridgette, who immediately starts throwing flirtatious glances his way.  Uh oh, not again, Jason.  This ended so well for you guys last time.  Remember why Hoyt left town to begin with?


In an attempt to find a miracle, Sookie calls the local doctor to come over to Bill’s to take a look at him.  The woman that arrives, Dr. Ludwig, is an itty bitty little thing driving a massive Hummer.  She also agrees that the faerie blood is the cause for the rapid decline.  She suggests that Sookie contact someone in her faerie family to get a bit more information about their bloodline and possible solutions.  When Sookie mentions the only relative she can contact is her very distant grandfather, Niall, Dr. Ludwig freaks out and leaves.  Sookie calls her “faerie godfather” and finds him riffling thru her pantry in search of spaghetti sauce.  He lets Sookie know that he isn’t too keen on helping her figure out the Bill problem because he has never liked him for her.


As expected, Hoyt is very upset over seeing his mother’s body.  He pulls Jason into what ends up being a group hug with Bridgette.  Sarah is looking for a place to hide and ends up at what used to be The Light of Day Institute that she used to run with her late husband, Steve (who ended up being a gay vampire who fell in love with Jason).  She has a series of visits from her ghosts of boyfriends past.  The first of these visits comes from Jason, who tells her that Eric is coming to kill her that night (and he looks incredibly hot in these visions).


 Sam discusses the offer that he has gotten from Nicole with Arlene.  They both admit that they are not completely thrilled with their lives in Bon Temps.  Meanwhile, Andy, who has just arrived at the lake house in Oklahoma, wrestles with feelings similar to Sam & Arlene.   He feels that he is responsible for all of the events that have happened to his loved ones lately because he wasn’t there to protect them.  And in a very oddly placed scene, LaFayette and Lettie Mae are shown digging in the yard of their old house and scaring a small child that was inside.


In an attempt to find a way to help Bill, Niall tells Sookie that they need to “channel nature’s energy”.  This really just led them to eavesdrop on a dream that Bill was having at that moment, which was yet another flashback regarding his wife.  This rubs Sookie the wrong way.  She really did not like seeing Bill fawning over another woman.  Niall tells her that Bill is basically beyond magical assistance so she excuses him.


Keith comes to Bellfleur’s to make sure that Arlene is okay.  He says that he can sense that she is hurting.  They start dancing and then kiss, but Arlene gets freaked out (presumably from her earlier dream) and tells him that they cannot get together biblically because she is Hep-V positive.  He says that he is fine with dancing (which I thought was pretty sweet).  Sarah is still having nervous breakdown grade hallucinations when the Yakuza and company arrive at the institute.  Violet wakes up to find that Adilyn & Wade have not used any of her toys.  She then seizes the moment to handcuff Adilyn to the bed.  When she screamed, it registered with Jessica, who woke up and rushed off to rescue Adilyn.  Sookie has an epiphany and runs to Bill’s house.  She promises never to leave him again and then kisses him.  This leads to their typical on the floor in front of a fire sex.  I guess that she has gotten over Alcide’s death, which was all of 4 days ago.

So, it appears as though HBO’s endgame is going to be getting Bill and Sookie back together.  They may also end up having folks move on with their lives outside of Bon Temps.  I doubt that they are going to be able to make all of the weird supernatural activity that tends to gravitate to Bon Temps just magically disappear (maybe it can be re-routed to Beacon Hills…).  Anyway, there are only 3 more episodes left in the season and still a lot to be dealt with.  I just hope that Hoyt can stick around for the rest of the show.

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