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SNOWPIERCER - Official Trailer
The world has frozen over and all that remains of humanity now lives on a train that is continuously circling the planet. This is one of the most beautiful movies that I have seen in recent years. It is not in wide release but if you can find it in a theater near you, I highly recommend checking it out. It is so much better than all of the remakes and sequels being released this summer.


Fifty Shades Of Grey - Trailer
So lots of people are posting this today but I feel compelled to do so too. I am still not sure how I feel about the movie as a whole. I can’t get past the cast (not what I pictured or wanted but who am I). Just ignore the ugly/ weird humming at the end of the trailer (although I do kind of dig this version of the song).


True Blood- Lost Cause (S7E5)

Since I do not have HBO on my cable right now, I am at the mercy of the internet.  I have to wait an hour before I am able to watch True Blood on Sunday nights.  I know, a whole hour!  During that time, I am on a strict no Twitter or Facebook policy.  This week, I made the mistake of answering a message on Facebook and seeing a few statuses about this week’s show.  Thus, I was put on high alert.  Like Jason Stackhouse impatiently waiting to turn into a werepanther, I was waiting for some brutal attack and gruesome death of yet another of my favorite character.  (Whatever happened to all of those Stackhouse werepanther babies that were supposedly conceived anyway?)


We pick up in the aftermath of last week’s battle, cleaning up bodies and piles of vampire goo.  Willa and Eric are finally having the conversation that she had attempted to have with him before the battle.  She is mostly angry that he turned her and then disappeared, leaving Tara to “raise” her.  She really wants him to release her.  He will do that but he first needs her to tell him some information that will help him to find Sarah Newlin.  She gives him some details about Sarah’s sister, Amber Mills, who was taken by vampires and presumed dead.  Amber is “alive” (i.e. she is a vampire) and well and living in Dallas.  Eric releases her, which apparently hurts, or as Pam says “like being kicked in the cooch by a wallaby, isn’t it?”  So, Eric and Pam are on their way to Dallas.  Ginger really wants to go with them.  If he doesn’t let her go, then he needs to finally pleasure her before he leaves.  He refuses because he is diseased, but apparently she is too.  They leave after shaking a screaming Ginger off from their travel coffins.

Sookie returns home and shows some more sadness over Alcide’s death.  (I am very surprised by her lack of emotion over this whole thing.)  LaFayette and James show up and promise to take care of her.  LaFayette makes her go to bed and promises to be there when she wakes up.  When she wakes up, the next evening, she finds her house full of food and with some more guests, Jackson and his girlfriend.  They are going to be hosting a party, which she doesn’t like the idea of.  The intention is to “celebrate life” in a manner that Alcide and Tara would approve of.  The attendees have all been instructed to bring alcohol with them, but Bill shows up with only flowers.  Of course he is the one that convinces Sookie to just enjoy the party.


Eric and Pam find Amber at home and infected with Hep-V.  She shares with them that Sarah paid her to “stay in the coffin” and to not be seen or heard.  She had been in a committed, long-term relationship with her creator who has since died from Hep-V.  Amber is all too happy to help them to find Sarah, who is in town looking for their parents for a place to hide.  They will be attending a fundraiser for Ted Cruz later that night.  She wants to help them kill Sarah, especially since she is partially responsible for the spreading of the disease.

Lettie Mae wants to attend the party at Sookie’s since she knows that there will be vampires there.  Rev. Daniels won’t let her, so she spikes his dinner with Benadryl and sneaks out.  The party is in full swing at the house and it appears as though the entire town is present.  The recently freed hostages (except for Nicole) are doing shots and promising to lead better lives starting tomorrow.  Violet is being extremely sweet to Sookie and Jason is being as clueless as ever. 

Bill is in the corner being pensive and thinking back to his human years, particularly the beginning of the Civil War.  A young George Clooney look alike is leading a rally in town to drum up support and urge the men to enlist.  Human Bill saw the war as “a lost cause” and expressed his doubt at being able to win the war while at the rally.  He is called a Yankee sympathizer and he leaves the rally/ bar.  This is different Bill from what we have seen of his human years thus far, because all that we really knew was that he was a solider but not whether he was a very willing participant.

In an amazingly quiet kitchen at the party, Jackson is saying some words about Alcide and how much he loved Sookie.  He viewed her as a cause worth fighting for.  It is clear that she still feels a bit uneasy about this.  Lettie Mae arrives and LaFayette tries to promptly kick her out.  Sookie asks her to say something about Tara first. (Lettie Mae makes sure to get an un-alcoholic drink for her toast.)  In her speech, she says that Tara also died a hero.  I like that this was included in the episode because up until now it seemed like the Tara’s death has been passed over in favor of other topics.

Jessica is in her usual spot, pouting out in the yard.  Andy comes out to see what her deal is.  He tells her that her constant guilt and self-punishment hurts him as much as it hurts her.  He basically tells her to get over it.  Then he thanks her for what she has done for Adilyn over the past week (has it really only been a week?!)  He also needs her help.  He wants to propose to Holly and needs to borrow one of her rings.  They decide instead to ask Sookie if she has a ring that Andy can borrow for the time being.  She offers up Gran’s ring, which was actually left to Jason.  Violet makes a point to telling him that she doesn’t need a ring to let the world know that she is his (doesn’t really seem like was going to give it to her anyway).  She then follows that up with a comment about how small the stone is.

On the way downstairs, Jason tells Adilyn & Wade, who have been hanging out on the stairs, that they had better not be hooking up and if so to stop.  Andy then proposes to Holly in front of the party guests.  She accepts and the celebration continues.  James wants to leave but Jessica, who has just now decided to join the party, insists on staying.  He seems bothered, which LaFayette suspects and whisks him outside.  Sookie is getting teary so Arlene sneaks her upstairs to get away from all of the party people.  Sookie is having a hard time mourning Alcide because she still can’t believe that he is dead.  Arlene says that she will never get over it but learn to live with it over time.  Sometimes, when Arlene really misses Terry, she will put on his jacket so that she can feel his arms around her again.  James and LaFayette are sitting outside having a nice little chat.  James feels as though Jessica is giving him just enough love and attention to keep him around.  LaFayette asks(through hand gestures) if the guy that turned James was really more than just a friend.  He admits that he was.  This is enough to prompt the two to start kissing.


Back inside, Sookie and Arlene have rejoined the party.  They notice that Keith, the vampire that saved Arlene’s life last week, is watching them.  While Arlene is too drunk to speak, Sookie tells him to “dial down your sexy”.  He lays a rather nice compliment on Arlene about her being one of the sexiest women that he has seen in 300 years.  Her response was awesome- “I have to go make tinkle because, you know, I am a human.”  That sounds like something that I would say.  Jessica is given a tip that James is outside so she goes there looking for him.  Of course, she finds him and LaFayette doing their thing in the car.  And she loses, not that I blame her.  She runs back into the house and brings everyone at the party into the fight.  Really what she is doing is running to Jason for help.  She orders Jason to rescind James invitation to the house, which he willingly does (the man is still so whipped).  Jess runs upstairs, Jason goes after her and Violet oddly does not have a problem with this.

Jessica is convinced that James is just confused.  In her defense, we must all remember that in her human life, Jessica led a pretty sheltered life.  LaFayette comes in to attempt to apologize but she really doesn’t want to hear it.  She still believes that he is a homewrecker.  He asks what she really knows about James, does she know his turning story?  Apparently not, because then she would know that has been with men in the past.  LaFayette makes a very good point (and one of the best speech’s that this voice of reason has ever made) about how everyone else in Bon Temps is falling in love and getting married but when does he find his happiness?  He deserves it too (Yes you do, Lala.)  [Makes me wonder, was this a nod to the current gay marriage debate that is a hot topic right now?]

Sookie is surveying the room and encroaching upon the poor folks thoughts.  They are all seeing her in a better light now since she, apparently, singlehandedly saved the entire town.  (Yes, I know she figured out where the Hep-V vampires were but she didn’t actually do any of the fighting.)  She just so happens to wander outside and find Bill still being a pensive party pooper.  (He was busy thinking back to trying to sneak off with other sympathizers and their families when they were caught by the George Clooney lookalike.)  Sookie wants to know why he is not socializing.  They have a little chat where he hints that he would like to explore a relationship with her again.  He also points out that she too is responsible for getting all of the humans & vampires back together and “mainstreaming”.  He walks her back to her door and bids her goodnight in a scene that reminds me a bit of season 1 Bill.  She thanks him for seeing her in a manner in which she can’t always see herself. 

Back in the party, Sookie goes back to reading everyone’s minds.  In the process, she happens upon Lettie Mae’s mind, who is obsessing over Willa’s blood.  Willa is innocently asking Arlene for a job when Lettie Mae pops up behind her and stabs her in the shoulder.  While all of the vampires are ready to go after Lettie, Sam takes the knife away from her and talks all the vampires down.  She starts telling LaFayette that she Tara is stuck and needs her help and that is why she needs to get Willa’s blood.  She is escorted out.  Nicole, who has been watching all of these drunk fools all night, finally loses it and lays into everyone.  She tells them that everyone present and their actions are just not normal.  Uh, did you forget where you were, sweetie?  You are in Bon Temps.  No one in this town is normal or has ever claimed to be.  Clearly, she is ready to leave, so Violet offers to see her & Sam home.

Jason and Jessica are still upstairs talking.  She wants to hear more about his relationship with Violet, which apparently no one ever wants to talk about.  He admits that he doesn’t feel like this is the right relationship for him.  The main reason that he gave the ring to Andy was because he was afraid that otherwise it would somehow end up on Violet’s finger.  He just wants to be happy and in a normal, happy relationship.  Jessica calls him the sweetest man in the world.  They promptly hook up.  Violet returns back to the party after the quickest drop off ever and uses her super vampire hearing to figure out what is going on in the bedroom between Jason & Jessica.  Rather than bust thru the door with her fangs blazing, she turns and walks away with a look on her face that has launched a hundred Snapped episodes.


In Dallas, Eric and Pam are getting ready to go to the fundraiser.  They have turned the whole event into a game and secretly shopped for each other’s outfits.  They both end up looking like a flashback scene from Brokeback Mountain (she labels herself “a republic*nt”).  In the process of getting ready, she sees him without his shirt on and sees that the Hep-V veins have spread, a sign of “stage 2”.  At the gala, they split up to find Sarah’s parents.  Sarah finds her mother in the bathroom, where she begs her mom to contact Laura Bush for help.  Her mother informs her that the Bush’s are no longer taking her phone calls since it was announced that her daughter is the monster who is responsible for the sick vampires that are terrorizing the world (Sarah assures her mom that she is not a monster; she is a Buddhist).  Sarah tells her that she needs her help because the iykuza are after her.  Eric confronts Sarah’s dad, who says that he doesn’t know where she is.  At this moment, the iykuza bust in through the front door and start shooting.  They find her dad and shoot him in the head.  Sarah and her mother (who is shot repeatedly) escape thru a back hallway, which unfortunately for her is also the hallway that Eric has decided to walk down.


Sarah pretty much runs right into Eric’s hand.  He lifts her by the neck as though she weighs nothing at all.  It is beginning to look as though Sarah has met her end until the iykuza round the corner.  Eric storms toward them and their samurai swords.  He, of course, kills all of them in swift vampire fashion but gracefully rips off the leader’s jaw (who is the same guy that forced him to make a decision between Pam & Sylvie back in 1986).  In the process, Sarah escapes… again.

Back in Bon Temps, the party is over and Sookie’s house is finally quiet & empty.  She goes into her bedroom and finds Alcide’s leather jacket conveniently laid out on the bed.  Per Arlene’s suggestion, she slips it on and climbs in bed.  At Bill’s house, he is taking a bath (like all vampires do at 4 am) and thinking back to his human years again.  He has decided to join the war (to protect his family) and is promising his wife, Caroline, that he will return to her and the kids (which we all know doesn’t happen).  He gets out of the bath and goes to gaze at himself in the mirror.  At this time, he sees that he has the Hep-V veins on his chest.  No, Pam- that is what it feels like to be kicked in the cooch by a wallaby.

As I said last week, I figure that the writers are just closing the doors on all of the characters on this show.  They want no unanswered questions, no speculations about what happened after the show is finished.  Hell, just kill everyone.  Looks like they are going to anyway.  Boo, HBO.


True Blood- Death Is Not The End (S7E4)

I said in last week’s recap that I am convinced that there is going to be a character killed off every week.  I mean, this is the final season, so they may as well close all character doors for the fans.  Wrap everyone up- no questions left to ask, right?  Well, this week looked like it was definitely going to deliver on that when it came to some very loved Bon Temps citizen.  (I’m still not over last week’s casualty.)


Since last week saw the death of two characters, their loved ones need to be informed (which is not something that we are used to seeing).  Sookie calls Alcide’s dad, Jackson (the T-1000, Robert Patrick) while Jason calls Maxine’s son, his once BFF Hoyt (Jim Parrack).  I am so happy to see them make these calls because these are two characters that I love.  (I wish they had done more with Jackson.) Sookie tries her best to sound sad while speaking to Jackson.  Jason, speaking as “Deputy Stackhouse”, tries to be sympathetic to a very distraught Hoyt, who is currently hanging out on an oilrig in Alaska.  Based on something that Jason says leads Hoyt asks him if they know each other (who previously had his memory wiped after begging Jessica to do so as a result of being hurt by her & Jason).  Oh yeah, he doesn’t remember me.  Hoyt says that he will come back to Bon Temps to tend to his mother’s details (yay, Hoyt is coming home!) 

Pam and Eric are on their way back to Louisiana.  Eric re-routes them to Shreveport, yet another location that cheeriest-vampire-around Pam despises, so that they can check on Willa (which is really code for “see Sookie”).  We are then treated to a flashback which gives us an idea as to why she hates the place.  In ’86, they made their way back after being ordered to do so.  They are met by former Magister (the guy who ordered Bill to “create” Jessica) who is there to deliver their punishment for their worldly escapades.  They are ordered to run a small business in Shreveport and Eric is to be the local sheriff so that the Authority can keep their eye on him.  They are both disgusted by the sentencing and even more so once they find out what the business they are to run is- a video store.  They are informed that in addition to a video store, there is also an adult video section/ sex shop in the basement as well as a hidden tunnel leftover from the Underground Railroad days (I know this will be worthwhile information at some point in this episode.)

Sookie, Sam and Jason go to check up on the Bellfleur’s.  Sookie promises Arlene’s kids that she will find their mother and bring her home safe.  Holly was been home for all of, like, 4 hours.  They should probably let her decompress and rest.  Well, that just isn’t how Sookie works, so she goes to Holly’s room and invades her brain.  But by doing so, she is able to figure out who is still alive (and who isn’t) and where they are being held.  They are all at Fangtasia (which I suspected before but was not 100% sure).  Sam, who suddenly becomes worried about his fiancé and unborn child for the first time, wants to immediately drive to the club and take care of business.  Jason again tries to grow a pair and pulls a gun on Sam, demanding that they wait until dark to attack.  Call me crazy, but wouldn’t it be smarter to attack a den of vampires during the day when they are at a disadvantage?


Jessica is still not healing.  James finally gets the truth out of her.  She hasn’t fed since the Bellfleur faerie attack, some 10 weeks ago.  James decides to stage an intervention of sorts and pulls Bill into the mix.  Sookie conveniently shows up and joins the intervention.  She offers her blood up as an offering, which was really stupid because Jessica’s guilt comes from not being able to say no to the blood of young faeries.  Jessica declines the offer.  Sookie has a little discussion with Jessica, where she basically tells Jess to pull her head out of her ass and that she doesn’t really give a hoot about her issues but that she needs Jessica’s help with the Fangtasia bust planned for that evening.  LaFayette swoops in to save the day and feeds Jessica.  He shares the story with her about how he basically killed the love of his life but he has to push aside the guilt to be able to get thru the day.  James watches all of this develop.  This is definitely going to work on LaFayette’s behalf.


We are swept back to 1996 at the video store when a very curious customer comes in.  She is the intellectual type who is doing her dissertation on vampires and has heard that this store has the best selection of the lesser known but best vampire films.  Eric walks in the door and the woman can’t speak (remember that scene in The Lego Movie when Emmett sees Wild Style for the first time?)  We then find out that the woman is Ginger (the soon to become brainwashed minion of Pam & Eric).  Skip ahead to 2006 and Ginger is now the store’s star employee.  She shares a brilliant idea that she has about the business with Pam.  Ginger knows how dissatisfied they are with having to run a painfully ordinary video store.  She paints a mental picture for Pam of making it a vampire night club with the cheeky name Fangtasia.  Pam tells Ginger that she loves the idea then promptly glamours her and tells her that she is going to tell Eric that it was her idea.  Obviously, Eric is game with that idea.

Before the bust on Fangtasia, Jason and Sam go to tell Rosie, who is a gun toting member of the redneck mob, that her husband was killed by the sick vampires.  She seems to take the news as well as can be expected.  The A-Team plus James and his vampire bandmate, Keith, congregate at Bill’s house prior to heading out for the raid.  Jason attempts to deliver a rousing “This is Sparta” speech but it falls flat.   Eric and Pam chose that time to make it known that they have returned to town and that he is sick.  Eric enters with a witty comment about Bill having written a book where he “claims to not be an asshole anymore”.  We have really missed you, Eric.  Although time is of the essence in regards to the rescue, Sookie & Eric must first catch up (this couldn’t have waited?).  She is very upset that he is sick (as we all are).  He makes fun of her for getting into a relationship with a werewolf (fail).  He shares a few stories about his travel (again, there are people waiting to be rescued).  Willa shows up after being summoned and gets pissy with Eric for everything.


They finally all remember why they have gotten together and head over to Fangtasia with Pam & Eric in tow.  Eric remembers that there is another way in via the tunnel that leads to the basement of the club (see, I said it would be important).  Sam goes ahead of the rest in form of a rat to inform the surviving prisoners that a rescue is about to happen.  Arlene finally gains the knowledge that he former boss is a rat…or something like that.  On the other side of the wall, Eric tries in vain to bust thru the wall.  In his weakened state, he is not doing very well.  Bill busts thru in one hit.  Eric wants to go in with Bill, but Pam insists on doing it instead.  At that moment, Arlene is being taken upstairs for feeding time.  Hey A-Team, remember all of that time that was spent sitting around and chatting earlier?  If you hadn’t done that, you could have gotten there before they decided to feed on Arlene.  Imagine what you could have avoided if you did this during the day?!  I digress.

Pam ushers the remaining two prisoners back thru the tunnel while Bill slowly sneaks upstairs.  Eric decides to act as the distraction and bangs on the front door.  He tells them that he is also a sick vampire and that he has brought his own food (aka Sookie, who they can all smell).  She sees Arlene near death.  All of the sick vampires start to argue over who gets to feed from her first, despite Eric insisting that she is his.  Nonetheless he begins to arrange a feeding order.  Outside, the redneck mob arrives to do their own attack (thanks to Jason’s details on their attack plan).  The remaining members of the A-Team sneak back in the tunnel.  Bill comes up the stairs, finally, at the moment that the mob tosses a redneck bomb thru the front door.  Everyone goes back through the tunnel with amazing quickness to come at the sick vampires from across the street.  Before they get there, the sick ones start attacking the vigilantes.  As the shooting begins, everyone seems to only care about Sookie as her name is just about the only thing being yelled out.

Sookie is inside trying to help Arlene.  She is about to get Bill to give her his blood when he hears Jessica scream out in distress.  She is about to get it from wanna-be Bon Temps mayor/ mob leader, Vince.  Bill arrives just in time to stake the man in the skull.  That leaves Sookie inside with only one vampire, Eric, who can’t offer up his tainted blood.  She orders him to get her a healthy vampire.  Arlene is getting closer and closer to the light.  So close, in fact, that she is visited by her late husband, Terry (another cameo of a character that I loved.  Lots of those this week.)  They start talking about how much they miss each other and about the kids.  In the land of the “living”, Keith comes in and tries to give Arlene his blood, but she doesn’t respond.  Terry tells her that she needs to stay for the kids and to be happy.  She decides that is a good idea.  Arlene finally comes around (and seems to show interest in Keith).

Outside, there are lots of piles of vampire goo (which kind of looks like melted cheese).  It appears as though all of the sick vampires have been defeated, as well as the redneck mob.  Pam starts to freak out because she can’t find Eric.  There was a definite moment of panic here, much like the panic when Tara was killed.  But Pam finds Eric quietly snacking on a now presumably dead Rosie inside their minivan.  The episode concludes with Sookie and Eric having a visual moment. 

I am really beginning to despise Sookie.  She seems to be all that anyone in this town seems to give a crap about.  I am glad that there was no death of any main characters this week but it looks as though no one is safe.  I really hope that Hoyt does make his way back to town and that the opening phone call was not just the shows’s way of including him in the final season.  I like that they are including folks from past seasons into the last season.  It is quite refreshing.  With this main storyline now dealt with, I have no clue what is going to happen next.  Surely they won’t spend the last six episodes focusing on hunting down Sarah Newlin.  We will find out together.

Have a great rest of the week!  Sorry again that I took forever to post this.  I really have no excuse.



I had the honor and privilege of watching the pilot episode of FOX’s Red Band Society tonight.  And I repeat- it was an honor and a privilege.  This is by far the most real television show that I have seen in very long time.  In a time when all of the shows on TV are about the pretty people with perfect lives, Red Band Society addresses a topic that isn’t focused on very often- sick children.  As could be seen with The Fault In Our Stars,this topic is one that we as a society are curious about but had been afraid to tackle.  I think this is because we have been too afraid to ask.  But this show lets us know that it is okay to ask, it is okay to wonder.  The characters on this show face issues that most of us will never have to face.  


Red Band Society takes place in a Los Angeles hospital, mainly in the children’s wing.  The residents, and two newcomers, spend all of their time in some of the biggest hospital rooms that I’ve ever seen (looking more like dorm rooms), in on-site school and roaming the hallways.  The characters that we are introduced to in the pilot cover a pretty broad range of medical issues.  First up is one of the newcomers, Kara (played by Zoe Levin from last summer’s The Way, Way Back), who is an uber-bitchy cheerleader (who is nicknamed “Rosemary’s Baby” by one of the nurses) that came to the hospital with a heart issue that she was not aware of.  The next newcomer is Jordi (portrayed by fresh faced Nolan Sotillo), who more or less scams his way into the hospital to have his osteosarcoma dealt with.  Jordi’s roommate is the somewhat bitter Leo (The Golden Compass’s Charlie Rowe), who also has osteosarcoma but is at a different stage in his illness.  Leo’s love interest/ arch nemesis is Emma (Ciara Bravo, most popularly from Big Time Rush fame), who is living in the eating disorder wing of the hospital.  Leo’s right hand man is Dash (played by YouTube sensation, Astro), who is suffering from cystic fibrosis and is carrying around a copy of Twilight in an attempt to attract good Mormon lung donors.  The character’s lives and actions are narrated by Charlie (young actor Griffin Gluck), who seems to be an all knowing power with only a slight problem- he is in a coma, which is presumably the result of a car accident.  He can’t move or see anything but he can smell and hear everything.  The kids are monitored by Nurse Jackson (Oscar winner Octavia Spencer) who has “scary bitch” written on her Starbucks coffee cups, Dr. McAndrews (Brothers & Sisters David Annable) who one viewer stated to be the new McDreamy, and by the newbie nurse, Brittany (newcomer Rebecca Rittenhouse) who just wants to make the world happy with muffins.  I am interested to see how the show develops the characters and their personal issues.  I hope to see more of two specific characters- Nurse Kenji (Wilson Cruz, aka Rickie Vasquez from My So Called Life) and hospital volunteer, Nick (Thomas Ian Nichols, who led me internally shout, “did he just say ‘funky butt loving’?”).

The title of the show comes from a moment that happens at the end of the pilot.  Leo has been collecting and continuing to wear all of the red hospital bracelets that he received over the course of his treatment.  He gives the bracelets for different reasons to each of the main characters, calling them a new breed of Band of Brothers.  Leo seems to be kind of the leader of the group.  When repeatedly questioned by a nervous Jordi about the subject of amputation, Leo tells Jordi what I think is going to be a pretty strong theme throughout the course of the show.  He said, “Your body isn’t you.  Your soul is you and they can never cut into your soul.”  Those words really stuck with me.

Red Band Society is going to be so good!  I can think of no other way to put it really.  This show is going to focus on topics that are not normally tackled on a show and definitely not all on one show together.  I predict a lot of emotional episodes.  As of tonight, only one episode has been completed.  Filming on the rest of the season begins next week and it takes place right here in the lovely town that I call home, Atlanta.  I predict big things from this show and big things from actor Nolan Sotillo.  I highly recommend that y’all check it out on FOX on Wednesday night September 17th.  I hope that you love it as much as I did!


True Blood- Fire In The Hole (S7E3)

They’ve done it now.  True Blood has done the unthinkable.  They have killed of yet another character, this one being one of the most popular.  Much like The Vampire Diaries trapping Damon on the Other Side as it collapsed, this character death has shattered many hearts.  But unlike Damon’s “demise”, this one looks to be a bit more permanent.  I am beginning to think that this is the way that the final season of True Blood is going to go- kill off or make deathly ill a character per episode (or 2, as was the case in this episode).  I am not liking this.


We begin in LA at a yoga studio that is being led by a very crunchy looking guru.  It takes a minute to figure out the relevance of the scene until the very end.  The guru calls on a specific student who has exceptional form in his opinion and we see that it is a dark haired Sarah Newlin, who Jason allowed to live and drive off at the end of the last season.

Pam starts grilling Eric- when and where did he get sick?  How?  He tells her that he’s been sick for about a month and that he contracted it while he was in St. Petersburg, which Pam takes personally because apparently she hates Russians.  He is tired of fighting and just wants to give up on “life”.  This leads him to have flashbacks to when he and Pam spent time in France during 1986.  He was in a relationship with a human named Sylvie.  One of their escapades (which was many) was interrupted by Nan Flanagan (former AVL spokesperson who was killed by Bill & Eric in season 4).  She lets them know that Chancellor Gainsborough is aware of what they have been doing all over the world.  Nan also lets them know that a Japanese company has been commissioned to create synthetic blood that tastes a lot like human blood, which will lead to more mainstream living for the vampire population.  They are to return to the States immediately.  Eric tells the woman, in not such a nice manner, to go away.  Pam was ready to leave but Eric was not.

Alcide comes out of the shower (which was a very long shower) to find the house is empty.  He follows Sookie’s scent to Bill’s  house, which is also empty.  They have driven off on some sort of mission.  Alcide turns into a wolf and runs off after them.  Back in the “getaway” vehicle, Bill lets Sookie know that since he donated his blood for the benefit of the imprisoned vampires he can no longer “feel” Sookie.  In order to reconnect, she drinks some of his blood (but first makes sure to remind him that she has a boyfriend).

Jessica and Andy get to the sheriff’s station to get Adilyn & Wade out of jail.  They fill Andy & Jessica in on what has happened at the station in regards to the vigilantes.  Sam visits Reverend Daniels to inform him about what they saw while in St. Alice.  Willa interrupts their conversation by bringing a high Lettie Mae to the Reverend.  After leaving the church, Sam and his assigned vampire, Matt, encounter the vigilantes.  Vincent lets Sam know that the townsfolk know that he is a shape shifter.  One of the vigilantes end up shooting/ disintegrating Matt.  They tell Sam that he needs to leave town or else be hunted along with all of the other supernatural sorts in town.  But first they need to catch him.  His answer is to turn into an owl and fly away.

Jason wants to adopt a child with Violet once everything calms down (not my first choice for a mother).  Violet wants Jason to be more of a man (why is she so darn mean to this gorgeous man-child).  Andy & company come over to get Jason to help out with tracking down the nutty, gun toting Bon Temps citizens, thus rounding out the A-Team.  (Jason first tries to be a man but doesn’t do a very good job at it.)  Violet still has a problem with Jessica but they agree to call a truce until the current situation is over.  LaFayette and James get high together.  The sick vampires are running out of food and decide that they are going to take Holly out for a little hunting trip to get more prisoners.


Sookie and Bill’s mission is an attempt to help out the town with the current sick vampire problem.  Bill once called her “vampire bait” so she is taking him seriously and making herself just that.  Bill asks her if she is really in love with Alcide.  At first she says that it is none of Bill’s business then she admits that she does.  She also says that she feels that Alcide loves her more than she does him.  She is not sure how much longer she can live like that.  I think she is really saying that she will never love Alcide the way that she loved (or loves) Bill.

The A-Team find Sam’s empty truck.  The army comes out of the shadows with their guns drawn.  They confronts them in much the same manner that they did Sam.  Maxine Fortenberry calls dibs on shooting Jessica & Jason because of what they did to Hoyt.  She shoots Jessica in shoulder.  Violet retaliates by ripping out Maxine’s heart (good thing they called a truce).  Maybe now Hoyt will make another appearance in Bon Temps… Anyway, they point out that Jessica’s wound is not healing.  Alcide & Sam almost get shot by the mob while they are pausing for a little human conversation.  They then run off together, Alcide as a wolf and Sam as a vicious border collie.

Sookie is waiting for attention to be paid to her by vampires (as if she hasn’t already had enough of that in her life).  She compares the waiting to be attacked by vampires to waiting for the Free Fall to drop.  Bill compares it to going off to war (not sure that I completely understand the comparison), then has an unrelated flashback to having family portraits taken.  Sookie decides that she is tired of waiting and speeds up the process by slicing open her arm.

Rev. Daniels shares his past with Willa then resends her invitation in an attempt to prevent Lettie Mae’s further exposure to V.  James and LaFayette do some drug induced flirting and admit to being into each other.  (This is apparently the storyline that led to the soap opera switch of the character portraying James.)  James fears that Jessica is not completely into him, but apparently he is not too into her either.  Pam begs Eric not to give up.  In another ’86 flashback, it is shown that some Japanese mob types forced Eric to choose between Pam and Sylvie (he obviously chose Pam).  She fears that Eric may be regretting that decision.  He tells Pam, “the world has been my oyster for over 1,000 years but I have lost my taste for oysters.”  Oh, Eric, please don’t.  In an attempt to motivate him to get off his lazy behind, she lets him know that Tara has died.  He doesn’t care.  Then she tells him that Jason let Sarah get away.  That does it- he is motivated.  Meanwhile, Sarah is sleeping with the crunchy guru.  While she is on the hunt for a bottle of wine, some Japanese guys come to his house looking for her.  They end up decapitating him.  This brings to mind a line from 10 Things I Hate About You-, “What is it with this girl? She have beer flavored nipples?”  Seriously, dudes keep losing their heads over her…literally.  At least she didn’t make out with this guy’s disembodied head.

Holly leads the sick vampires to Sookie, which leads to an all-out attack.  Of course at this very moment, the A-Team and dog duo show up.  Jason & Andy start shooting while Alcide & Sam start biting.  Two vampires, who are flanking Sookie, both get dissolved but she is smart enough to cover her face as to not get sick vampire goo in her orifices.  As she is getting cleaned off in the creek, Alcide loses his stuff and blames Bill for the attack.  In what I am thinking was poor editing, we cut to a shot of Sookie screaming Alcide’s name just before gunshots go off.  Alcide is shot in the shoulder and in the head.  Alcide Herveaux is dead.  It is a sad day indeed.  (At least he died naked…)  They ask Sookie if she wants to do the inevitable and turn Alcide into a vampire.  She answers quickly (a bit too quickly in my opinion) that she does not want to do that.  I guess the writers are learning from The Vampire Diaries and seeing that werewolf/ vampire hybrids aren’t such a good idea. 

From the start of the relationship, I did not like the idea of Sookie and Alcide together.  Joe Manginello was quoted in a recent article that from the moment he read that the two characters were going to be in a relationship, he knew that his character would be killed off.  The True Blood gods really just want Sookie and Bill together in end apparently.  Well, Joe, if it makes you feel better, thousands of hearts were broken on Sunday night.  You will really be missed (I know that Wolf Girl felt the sting immediately).

R.I.P. Maxine Fortenberry


R.I.P. Alcide Herveaux



True Blood recap- I Found You (S7E2)

(I would like to first apologize for the delay in this posting.  The past few days were full of temperamental laptop updates, work and exhaustion.  But since no one was beating down my door for my recap, I’m not too worried about it.)


This week’s show opened in a bit of a different manner.  It began with Jason arriving at a large, sparsely furnished house.  As he wanders through the house, we realize that this is the location of Eric’s hideout.  What looks to be a confrontation over Eric’s disappearance quickly takes an odd turn and becomes an erotic encounter between the two insanely good looking men.  Just as things escalate to the point of no return, Jason wakes up.  At this point we see that he has dozed off while sitting in a pew at the church.  Hmm, is there something that we need to know, Jason?  Then again, the guy has had some odd visions and dreams in the past 6 seasons…

As the show begins, it appears as though the church has become the command center for the search for the missing.  Sookie informs everyone about the body that she had stumbled upon the night before.  Maybe if they identify the body then they may find some clues as to the whereabouts of the sick vampires and hostages.  Those in town that are not involved in the search could make themselves useful by heading over to Bellfleur’s and cleaning up the mess.  Everyone seems eager to do so.

Back in the sick vampires’ lair, we see that they are on edge and hungry.  Since some of them are getting overzealous with their limited food supply, they need to be more careful.  They designate one vampire, a sweet looking older woman, to be the one to pick out the “food”.  She has been dubbed “the reaper” by the hostages.  Arlene and Holly realize that they recognize the woman- she was their kids’ teacher.  They hope to use this information to their benefit.

Lettie Mae tells her husband that she is worried about LaFayette following the events of the previous night and that she is going to pay him a visit.  She tells LaFayette that she felt closer to Tara when she had some of Willa’s blood in her system.  She wants to get Tara back in a manner of speaking and hopes that LaFayette could help her to do so.  She is convinced that Tara needs her help getting into heaven.  She wants him to get her some V.  LaFayette knows this is a bad idea considering that Lettie Mae is a recovering alcoholic.

After further investigation, the search party finds that the body is that of a young woman named Mary Beth from the nearby town of St. Alice.  They head off to this location in hopes of information.  Meanwhile, the obedient citizens of Bon Temps are busy cleaning up the mess at the bar.  The “citizen army” arrive and attempt to recruit the others to fight against the vampires (and basically all other supernatural creatures in town).  They convince them that they are left doing Sam’s dirty work and that they need to fight to get their lives back.  The head of the vigilantes, Vince, informs the group that he has seen Sam shift from a dog into human form.  Maxine Fortenberry backs him up on this, claiming that she has seen Sam do the same thing from a bear form.  They find bodies in the freezer, which they are convinced that the vampires are holding for later (forget about the fact that vampires feed only from those that are living).  The group comes to an agreement that they are going to fight against all of the vampires whether they are sick or not.  But first they need weapons- off to the sheriff’s station they will go!  (I guess no one has given any thought to just sharpening some stakes or other such items.)

The search party arrives in St. Alice to find that it is essentially a ghost town.  It kind of looks like parts of southern Louisiana, post-Katrina, with messages such as “FEMA help us” and “SOS” spelled out in various manners.  They also discover the townsfolk in a massive grave in the center of the town.  So much for that idea.  They decide to make their way over to Mary Beth’s house in hopes that there might be some information there for them.  Sookie discovers the girl’s diary and decides to take a gander at it.  She finds that the two of them had a lot in common.  Mary Beth was also a waitress that fell in love with the lone vampire in town and was introduced to all of the craziness that comes with being in a relationship with a member of the supernatural.  But look at how well that turned out for Mary Beth.  The last entries in the journal talks about sick vampires coming to town and killing all of the residents. This leads her to reminisce about the early days of her relationship with Bill. 

Back in Bon Temps, Adilyn &Holly’s sons go to the sheriff’s station in an effort to warn the authorities (aka Kenya) that an angry mob is headed their way.  Despite Adilyn’s best efforts, Vince and company arrive and are able to get Kenya to cross over to the dark side.  Kenya allows them access to the entire armory (apparently the only weapons in town).  They attempt to cuff and lock up Adilyn but she uses her magical ball of light to escape.  Her distress alerts Jessica who still has a blood bond with Adilyn.  With it being day, Jessica is not able to help her out.  She attempts to call for help but Jason is not at the station and Sookie’s phone is still in the woods. 

Lettie Mae accidently on purpose burns her hand on a frying pan.  She does this to get some of Willa’s blood to aide in healing.  The ingestion of Willa’s blood leads her to envision Tara affixed to a cross with a python around her neck, speaking in some foreign language.  Lettie Mae starts yelling to Tara.  Willa witnesses this and realizes there may be an issue with giving her blood to the woman.

On the way back to Bon Temps, Alcide, suspecting some sort of shift in Sookie’s demeanor, offers to keep driving and to leave all of the craziness behind them.  Sookie declines, saying that would not fix the problem.  Betty volunteers to be sleep monitor of the sick vampires in an effort to release the prisoners.  Before she can let them go, Betty needs to feed a little, which she does from a willing Arlene.  Betty promptly dies before they are able to get away.  Andy returns home from St. Alice to find Jessica screaming from the attic.   She explains the how and why as to her being there.  She also informs Andy that she believes that Adilyn is in trouble.

While Alcide is in the shower, Sookie runs over to Bill’s house.  The events of the day have her mind going to places where it shouldn’t be.  She is wondering if Bill still feels a connection to her.  If she were in trouble, would Bill still sense it?

Lastly, and most importantly (at least in my book it is), Pam finally finds Eric.  He is hiding in a large house in France, much like the one from Jason’s dream.  Eric is not very pleased to see Pam.  As the women that he is draped in step aside, a patch of veins are visible on his chest- a telltale sign of a sick vampire.  Eric has been infected with Hep-V.  (Cue the dramatic “noooooo!!!!”)

Well, there you have it- episode 2.  I hope that you enjoyed my recap.  Have a great rest of the week and a good holiday weekend!


True Blood recap- God Gonna Be Here (S7E1)

Ahh, summertime.  A time for longer days, playing in the pool and True Blood.  For me personally, summer doesn’t start until True Blood kicks off its 10 episode season.  I don’t know what I will do next year when the world is free of its Bon Temps supernatural citizens.  Yes, the past two seasons have not been great (I really didn’t like the whole “Authority” thing), but it will be like losing a friend.  I must not dwell…


Let’s do a quick recap of what happened at the end of season 6.  Following the defeat of faerie- vampire hybrid, Warlow, time jumped ahead 6 months.  Bill is now a published author.  Sam is now mayor of Bon Temps.  Arlene is the owner of Merlotte’s (now named Bellfleur’s).  Sookie and Alcide are now a couple.  Most importantly, Hep-V vampires are running rampant.  In an effort to protect everyone, Bill and Sam are trying to promote monogamous human- vampire relationships.  They have arranged a mixer for the two “classes” to meet and pair up.  And then the infected vampires show up.  This is where it ended. Season 7 opens at the exact same spot where season 6 ended, which seems to be a rarity these days.  The only difference that I can spot is that the producers have pulled a soap opera switch of the actor playing Jessica’s new boyfriend, James (once Luke Grimes is now Nathan Parsons, who also plays Jackson on The Originals).  Hep-V vampires proceed to crash the party and all hell breaks loose.  But it seems as though the whole thing ends as quickly as it began, by what sounds like a dog whistle.  As they survey the damage, they discover 2 things- several people, including Holly, Arlene and Sam’s pregnant girlfriend, Nicole, are missing and that Tara has been staked and is now a pile of stringy goo.  That’s right, Tara is dead (again).  I am pretty sad about this as she has always been one of my favorite characters.  But LaFayette puts it perfectly when he says that he has already grieved her death once so he is not as affected this time around.  Nonetheless, it is still sad.  Oh, and did I mention that it all happens before the opening credits?!

Everyone is transferred inside the bar for safety and for the administration of vampire blood cures.  Sookie, being Sookie, looks over the room and listens to everyone’s thoughts.  The people of Bon Temps are none too happy with her.  They all blame her for the whole attack, thinking that she is the reason that there are vampires in the town to begin with.  She happens to listen to Alcide’s thoughts, who is pretty much thinking the same things as everyone else.  C’mon, Alcide- you know that she has this ability so you really should watch your thoughts.  Sookie gets mad about this and walks out.  While walking home, she tosses her cellphone into the woods and then trips over a dead body.  Just another day in the life of Sookie Stackhouse.

The story then jumps to Marrakesh, where Pam is currently looking for Eric.  In an attempt to gather information about his whereabouts, Pam is playing Russian Roulette with a rowdy bunch of The Deer Hunter fans.  Pam wins, which is no surprise (she is a vampire after all).  I felt that this whole bit was out of place with all of the stuff that was happening back at home (I mean, Tara just died!)

Guilt is heavy with Jessica over killing 3 of Andy’s daughters.  At the end of season 6, she went to his house to offer protection to him and his one remaining daughter, Adilyn.  Andy refused the help but Jessica sticks around anyway.  When Andy gets the call about the attack, he agrees to let Jessica stay outside but Adilyn is not to invite her in under any circumstances.  Adilyn initiates a conversation through an open window, letting Jessica know that she is not angry at her for what she did to her sisters.  The conversation is cut short when a dark figure is spotted looming at the edge of the woods.

Alcide and Sookie argue over her having read his mind.  Jason feels emasculated by Violet.  LaFayette is “assigned” to James.  Violet finally lets Jason have his way with her…on the hood of his patrol car in the middle of the street.  (You’ve got to feel bad for the guy.  He is not used to being refused sex.)  I really don’t like that woman.  Lettie Mae, Tara’s mom, gets high off of Willa’s blood and begins to hallucinate that she can see Tara.  (I’m thinking that there will be a storyline about ex-addict Lettie Mae becoming addicted to V.)  Pam is offered a young child to feed from because children are the only people with clean blood in the area (she refuses).  Sookie and Alcide make up in a scene that I can only imagine was difficult for her husband to direct.

Bill and Andy are searching for the missing folks, which looks to be about 7 people.  Some of the citizens are also looking for the people but they make it clear that they do not want a vampire nor Andy & Sam helping them search.  Bill and Andy come upon an abandon warehouse and discover some presumably dead bodies hanging upside down sleeping bat style (this brought to mind a scene from The Lost Boys).  No further explanation is given for this but I imagine that it will be elaborated on later.  The hostages are actually being held in the basement of a Fangtasia type nightclub, where they are being brought upstairs one by one to be fed upon.  This feeding scene looked like it was inspired by the theater feeding scene in Interview with a Vampire.  Holly tries to keep everyone calm as they listen to the events going on above.  Andy lets Bill know that he will never be forgiven for what happened to his daughters.  I guess he blames Bill because he is Jessica’s maker.

Back at Bellfleur manor, Jessica is still locked in a staring contest with the sick vampire.  The only problem is that it is almost dawn.  Adilyn gets scared for Jessica who is starting to get smoky and invites her inside to seek refuge in the attic but Jessica refuses.  Well, at first she refuses.  As the sick one and the sun get closer, Adilyn again tries to get Jess to come inside and she finally agrees.  There was almost a repeat of past events when Jessica gets a good whiff of Adilyn and her magical faerie blood.  Someone is gonna be in trouble when daddy gets home.

Sookie and Alcide go to church the next morning which I found odd because the day of the attack (which was the day before) was supposed to have been a Sunday.  She quickly realizes the Lettie Mae is blaming her for Tara’s death.  Again, everyone agrees that she is at fault.  Sookie gives a big speech about how she can hear everyone’s thoughts.  She also claims that she is pretty much the resident vampire expert and that she can help fix the current problem if everyone would let her do so.

With the first few minutes being what they were, I was expecting a bit more from this episode.  Most notably missing from the episode was Eric, who was last seen burning in the sun while standing naked on top of a snow covered Swedish mountain.  He or Pam really need to come home soon now that Willa is alone following Tara’s demise.  An unsupervised young vampire is never a good thing.  And a question that I have often pondered is why can’t Sam shift into a more vicious breed of dog?  I mean, a border collie?  Really?  When you are running off with Alcide and his wolf form, you really should pick something different.

I have hope that this will be a good season.  Things have just been too weird the past few seasons.  This is the 7th and final season, so please make it good.  We all want to leave Bon Temps on a good note.

Have a great week!

R.I.P. Tara Thornton



P.S.  I’m trying to figure out whether or not I should do television reviews like this one.  Please share any and all feedback that you may have with me.  Thanks!


Stop the Madness!!

It seems to me that we have a problem, folks.  We, as an entire civilization, have a really bad habit of making people famous for no good reason.  This leads these people to think that they are important and that their every move needs to be documented.  Two families come to mind when I think of this topic- the Hiltons and the Kardashians.  What do they have in common?  Both are rich and entitled (due to the hard work that other family members did in the past) and are famous for doing nothing.  Sure they endorse products and take some pictures, but are mostly seen all over the planet going to parties and having their lives put out there for the world to share (then whine that they can’t get any privacy).  Why do we feel the need to make these people famous?!  Why do we even entertain the thought?

I will be the first person to admit that I think with an entertainment brain.  It tends to be the focused on all things entertainment.  I have been known to refer to E! News as “the news” (think of the mom from So I Married An Axe Murderer referring to the Weekly World News as “the paper”), as sad as that is to admit.  But I do know how to figure out the news that is really important as opposed to the news that is important to pop culture.  Case in point, think back to last week.  A group of 230 Nigerian school girls were kidnapped.  But what was the lead story on a majority of the news outlets?  Solange and Jay-Z’s elevator scuffle.  Really?  That is what we deemed important?

So, the world knows that Kim Kar-trash-ian married Kanye West yesterday.  We have been repeatedly reminded of this for quite some time now.  (And sadly, this wedding trumped the Santa Barbara shooting that occurred on Friday.)  But, did you also know that Casey Wilson (Penny from Happy Endings) and Lisa Edelstein (Dr. Lisa Cuddy from House) also got married?  Probably not, because the world is too busy making the Kardashians and Kanye West think that they are the most important thing.  After watching her make a $10 million mistake with Kris Humphries (which lasted a whopping 72 days), we were ready to watch her make another mistake, this one reportedly costing almost $15 million.  I wonder how much of that they actually had to pay for. (Most of the first wedding was either discounted or “gifted”, including Kris’s facelift.)

Doing a little bit of research for this post, I discovered that the Kardashian family together is worth a total of $191.75 million.  This amount comes from several different business ventures, one of the highest being the amount per episode for their show (ranging from 5K- 80K).  Another of the high amounts comes from their appearances, which one of the sisters feels the need to charge an additional amount for other people to be in her presence (100K- 1 million/ appearance plus 2K-5K/person that shows up).  Yes, they have some legitimate businesses, such as their boutiques, but the bulk of their money comes from being seen, i.e. doing nothing.  And, yes, their businesses provide jobs but in a majority of those businesses they are involved through name only.  I mean, these people get paid upwards of 15K just to send out a tweet about a product!  That is ridiculous!  Joel McHale used to say on The Soup that Kim was famous for “having a sex tape and a big ass”.  I think that the comment is pretty spot on.  Now, Kanye does work, and I am sure that he works pretty hard.  I can’t stand the guy.  I didn’t like him from the moment he posed for Rolling Stone, dressed up like crucified Jesus with a crown of thorns on his head.  Then there was the whole Taylor Swift incident.  The man thinks too highly of himself (but then again so does Kim).

What I am trying to say here is that we as a whole need to stop making people famous for the wrong reasons.  I know lots of people that work incredibly hard, harder than any of these jokers, but they aren’t known for it.  Let’s stop this madness!  Who’s with me?!? #maketherightpeoplefamous

This is a great little blurb from the New York Post:


Come prepared…

So, I saw The Fault In Our Stars last night.  There really is not much that I can say about it.  It was absolute perfection. 

Released in 2012 by John Green, The Fault In Our Stars is a must read (now a must see).  This was the latest of Green’s individual novels (his 1st novel, Looking For Alaska, is my personal favorite).  But be warned- this book is many things, but light-hearted it is not.  A quick synopsis of the storyline is that it deals with the topic of children with cancer.  I had heard a lot about this book and the soon to be released movie.  I wanted to make sure that I read it first.  As soon as the trailer was released, a Twitter “friend” theorized what was happening during a certain scene that was shown.  The scene she was referring to was one of the most pivotal moments in the story.  So in short, she ruined the entire book for me.  (She is also the same person that spilled the beans on the conclusion of the Divergent trilogy before I could finish it.  No more Shailene Woodley  book- movie discussions with her.)  This is the main reason that I did not cry when I read this book although it is a very tear inducing story.  (I didn’t cry over a story about kids with cancer but I did cry over a death on The Vampire Diaries.  Figure that one out.)

The film adaptation was so spot on.  I cannot recall having ever seen a closer adaptation.  Everything was exactly as I had pictured it while reading it.  Shailene Woodley is the perfect Hazel Grace.  Ansel Elgort far succeeds my expectations for Augustus.  Actually, I will have a hard time seeing the two of them together on-screen as brother and sister, Caleb & Tris, in the Divergent movies after witnessing them as Hazel & Gus.  And Shailene has got to be one of the greatest on-demand criers that I have seen in a long time.  The story and its characters have the incredible knack to make you crack a smile while in tears.  It is an amazing dynamic.

The love story of Hazel and Gus is a great one.  The amount of love and admiration that they have for each other is amazing, the kind of love that people wish for.  They meet at an unlikely place, a cancer support group for teens that is held in a local church basement, “literally in the heart of Jesus”.  Hazel, and her ever present cannula and oxygen tank, hits it off immediately with Augustus and his prosthetic leg.  They are both smart and sarcastic and feed off of each other perfectly.  Starting out as friends, at least as far as Hazel is concerned, they quickly realize how perfect they are for each other.

Now, this is where I am going to end my review, if that is what you want to call this entry.  I do not want to give away anymore pieces of the story away to those who have not read it.   Go prepared with lots of tissues.  I will say that they will be needed during several scenes.  (My friend’s husband was even crying.)  To those of you who know what you are getting into, it is exactly what you read in the book.  As I said before, it was absolute perfection.  You will fall in love “all at once” (forget the “slowly” part).

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